Vocal Sound Healing

Imagine walking down a street under construction or repair and hearing a big drilling machine with its deafening roar and pounding beat. The vibrations of the sound and movements of the machine reverberate throughout your whole body and it definitely does not feel good.

On the other hand, the sound of birds singing can immediately evoke a sense of joy and wonder. These are two extreme examples of how sounds affect us quite differently.

Using Sound to Heal

Sound healing is a new, yet ancient healing form. Recent scientific discoveries are confirming that sound is a surprisingly effective and powerful tool to rebalance, heal and uplift.

An odd, yet scientifically proven example is when a cat’s purr is at the vibrational frequency of 25 – 50Hz., it helps broken bones heal faster in humans.

Sound is a vibrational energy that has to move through something in order to be heard.  Sound travels in a wave that moves molecules around as it flows through matter. Matter, including the atoms and molecules we are made of, are always vibrating at the atomic level. Our atoms and molecules respond to energetic influences, such as sound.

Interestingly, sound travels more easily through dense matter. For example, a sound wave moves ca. four times faster through the water (liquids) in your body than it does through air, and 12 times faster when moving through bone tissue.

If a sound is good for you, it stimulates your body’s natural healing response and eventually transforms your whole system into more healthy patterns.

Vocal Sound Healing

The special gift of vocal sound healing is that it is a live, unfolding process of discovering your best ‘good for you’ sounds. Which particular sounds or unique sound combinations will have the greatest healing effect on you right now? How do I find them?

I do this by intuitively scanning alongside and above your body with my voice, listening intently for resonance. Resonance indicates that ‘these sounds are nourishing and healing for you,’ no matter how they may actually sound to the ear. Following the path of greatest resonance determines the flow of the session.

This interaction between voice, body and resonance is what leads to profound and often surprising healings. For example, when a client comes for headache relief and a much bigger problem, their chronic tinnitus, is also alleviated.

Sound Healing Helps to:

Strengthen the immune system Reduce pain
Improve concentration Lower blood pressure
Speed post-operative healing Reduce the stress hormone cortisol
Create deep relaxation Improve creativity
Increase energy Reduce or eliminate tinnitus
Improve sleep quality Uplift spirits and create a sense of well-being

I am a certified Vocal Sound Healer by Githa Ben-David, Denmark.

To Schedule a Session

The session is 1 hour – 30 minutes of vocal sound healing with 15 minutes beforehand to clarify the issues to heal, and 15 minutes afterwards for processing and integration.  Sessions are in person in Copenhagen, Denmark

Please contact me for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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Prices: 650 kr. / pensionists 450 kr.