Gentle-Touch Intuitive Healing

Gentle-touch intuitive healing is a combination of gentle touch, soft massage and healing energy transference. This combination of gentle touch and healing energy is very therapeutic for body, mind and soul.

Healing in this way evolved over time in my work with clients. No matter what pain, ailment or imbalance they came with, I noticed that when I intuitively provided gentle touch/massage, an even deeper healing and psychological restoration occurred.


Many people today experience a myriad of stresses on both body and mind. This healing form is like to a trip to the spa or a mini-vacation getaway. It offers an oasis of safety, peace and rejuvenation – as well as direct healing for specific conditions.

There are many benefits in being able to sigh with a sense of relief, to let go of pressures and burdens – and relax, be healed and nurtured. It fortifies the nervous system and builds a foundation for effective and longer lasting healing at all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

To Schedule a Session

The session is 1 hour – 30 minutes of Gentle-Touch Intuitive Healing, with 15 minutes beforehand to clarify issues to heal, and 15 minutes afterwards for processing and integration.  Optionally, vocal sound healing can be included in the same session.

Sessions are in person in Copenhagen, Denmark

Please contact me for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Contact Me

You are also welcome to send a text message to tlf. 50563041.

Prices: 650 kr. / pensionists 450 kr.