Client Testimonials

“I felt comfortable and safe with Susan. She was easy to connect with and it was a very uplifting experience. The day afterwards, I felt tired and I had a sore throat for a couple of days, even though I also felt very good, positive and uplifted. Then I started noticing subtle changes: seeing who people really are even more clearly than I already did, feeling very much at peace and more sure of myself and my boundaries. I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity of healing. The reading also confirmed that I'm on the right path.

I truly believe that the Akashic Records reading has elevated me to a different perception of life and myself. I can better see through other people’s masks and game playing and set healthy boundaries for myself. I'm more at peace and enjoying my journey!!

I would definitely recommend Susan to any soul who would be open to this kind of experience and who would be sure to put a value on her time, guidance, energy and gift. I feel very grateful and blessed. Thank you so much, Susan! It was truly a pleasure meeting you. Much love to you, angel spirit, and thank you for the love, guidance and your beautiful playful energy!”

Stephanie FrancisStephanie FrancisLos Angeles, California, USA

“I thank you, Susan, for the beautiful Akashic Records Reading. The experience made me feel very wonderful and at peace with who I am as a person. It also solidified my connection to spirit. Afterwards I felt healing going on within me as far as my whole being. I realized even more how special I am as a person and to honor myself fully. I have noticed that I haven't let much bother me. I still get bothered, but I feel relaxed.

You are very caring and made me feel at ease during the reading. Your tone and pace was perfect. You have a way that makes me feel I am communicating with a close friend. Your insight and connection to spirit is evident. Thanks again for a lovely reading, Susan. “

Marti DentonMarti DentonBoise, Idaho

"I loved the sense of Susan’s complete presence and calm, nurturing energy throughout the reading. I felt safe, seen, heard and engaged with.  Energetically I felt enfolded by the vibration of my Akashic Masters/Beings. I also loved that it was a deeply focused reading - depth rather than breadth!! The information brought tears as a confirmation of my soul’s truth.

Susan’s full engagement and safe, healing presence was personally meaningful for me. I was moved by how profound the reading was and with her skill at accessing information.

This included 3 pertinent past lives at the root of my Soul challenges, which I am particularly coming up against at this time in my life. I am grateful for the richness of the reading, for the enrichment it brought to me - including the symbol of the cypress branch from my Akashic Beings as their parting gift to close the session off with. Upon further reading, I found out that symbolizes death and rebirth!

The symbology of that parting gift turned out to be spot on. In the days and weeks after my reading; much cleansing, purging, self-forgiveness and even more purging through undertaking a thorough clearing of some of my home space took place. Very cathartic!

My reading definitely propelled me into a period of an even greater and more profound look at the parts of myself I am desiring to experience and “own” as I move more confidently into my Akashic Work and my higher purpose."

“My reading with Susan came at the perfect time. I knew that I was right in the middle of stepping into a new of phase of my life and my business, but I was struggling with what that next phase looked like. I've always been intrigued with the Akashic records, but I've never experienced a reading first hand, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Not only was this experience intriguing, but the outcome was astonishing. I know that my time with Susan set the change-ball in motion.

I honestly felt so comfortable and loved by Susan, that I felt like I had known her forever. I was a tiny bit nervous, but Susan made me feel super relaxed, making the whole experience very enjoyable. During my reading I was overcome by, what I can only explain as, a warm blanket of grace and strength. I was awe-struck by this feeling and the knowledge my Akashic guides shared with me.

After the end of the session, I felt deeply connected with an enhanced energy and a complete sense of serene happiness and peace. On days 3-4, there was a small sense of agitation, almost the same feeling I might have right before a big breakthrough. Since, I've felt completely connected to Source, energized and at ease knowing that I'm surrounded by the loving assistance of my guides. Within just a few short weeks, my business has taken on a whole new vibe and direction; helping others empower themselves on how to create wealth and abundance from the inside out, flowing energy vs pushing, forcing life and success. I have such an intense clarity about my new direction, that I'm bursting at the seams to share this new message. Almost instantly, as soon as I gained this clarity, I was invited to be part of a speaking group of highly esteemed intuitives, coaches and healers, where we aim to attract and assist a million conscious entrepreneurs!

I have a distinct knowing now that I didn't have before, that everything is absolutely the way it's meant to be, in flow, in divine timing. I am forever grateful for this knowledge.

Susan, from my heart to yours, I know that I was connected to you for the distinct purpose to expand my mind and energy towards my purposeful path. I can't thank you enough. I am looking forward to our next reading together and what may come of it! Thank you for sharing your heart and your kindness with me. Your gifts that you share are truly immeasurable."

Dauphne CookDauphne CookAntioch, California

“I really enjoyed my reading with you, Susan. I learned a lot from the messages I received. I continue to listen to the recording, because I hear things I forgot about during the reading. I had a pain for 2 days following our session, but I knew it was energy being released.

A noticeable change I feel since the reading is my fear of spiders is gone. It was something I have suffered from since I was a baby. The clearings and healings in my Akashic Records worked! And I greatly appreciate that. I feel really wonderful about the whole experience and I thank you again.”

Lene KaltwasserLene KaltwasserDenmark

“Having my Akashic Records read by Susan was a lovely experience. Her way of hosting it was relaxing and pleasant. The reading was quite amazing! It had a lot of meaning to me. I was surprised at how quickly I got ‘proof’ that my Akashic Records guides were really connecting to me personally, when they right away described a scene I had just experienced an hour before my session with Susan!

The messages throughout the reading were very useful, going ever deeper into important issues for me. I could sense Spirit/my Akashic Records guides emotionally, and in vivid inner pictures, in a very nice way. Similar to clairvoyant sittings, yet also different. I have never experienced contact quite this way. I felt seen, helped, LOVED and cheered on as we hung up. Truly uplifting!

In the days after the reading, I had a nice feeling of knowing I´m not alone. A strengthening of inner peace. Increased joy. More free to be me. Actually, I still feel that increased inner strength, I have just gotten used to it!

Thank you, Susan. I truly appreciate this reading with you. It was wonderful and I will recommend you to others. Absolutely.”

“I loved my Akashic Reading with Susan because she offered to give me a message from my Akashic guides that was for my highest good. No messing around with questions. My session then went on to help connect me with an Akashic Master called Han Gong, who I now believe is a 'Master of the Roses' and he is around to support my work and my channeling with Sacred Rose Blessings.

Clear confident messages from Susan made the reading both fun and informative and helped me with some clarity for my present path. Thank you Susan and my very best wishes for your readings and continued support from the Akashic Masters.”

Mona LundeMona LundeKungsbacka, Sweden

“I really liked my reading with Susan. She was caring and considerate, and the messages were clear. It helped me choose the right job out of the 3 offers I had to select from. The clearings and healings were quite powerful and I was very tired and so slow in the days afterwards. I listened to the recording again, and got a tiny rash all over my body before going to bed. The next morning it was gone.

Some days later, my energy and strength was back. I felt more clear and more in myself than before the reading. Something was lifted away. I can now hold and carry more light, even in stressful situations. They don’t affect me the way they used to. I am so grateful for you, Susan, and for the reading. Thank you”

“The reading with Susan was truly life changing.  A big question I had been sitting with was answered and that brought me such peace. Her energy is lovely and soothing and so is her voice.

I have also noticed that my knowing/intuition has flowed effortlessly for the last few weeks in my coaching practice, which is something we worked on during the reading. I feel much more confidence in myself and in my gift.”

LouBristol, UK

“I have been teetering at death’s door for the last few years and even though I had done all the physical level work to allow my body to find its balance, it still wasn't falling into place. I was missing a key, so when a dear friend recommended an Akashic Records reading with Susan, I gave it a go.

You can feel how much Susan cares from the moment she makes contact with you. Professional, with just the right amount of gentle humour to put you at ease.

It’s a little tricky to explain how I felt throughout the session... Very relaxed and sharply aware at the same time. Colours became brighter, sounds clearer. I could feel the work starting out on my peripheral, like on the edges of my soul, and I was quite happy to get out of my own way. Within an hour of the session ending, I felt the deep soul detox start, which went on for about 4 days! Not everyone will have this physical reaction, but from my years of deep shamanic work, I know when I react like this, something big has shifted!

Now a couple of weeks later, I can still feel it quietly working away in the background. I’ve noticed that I’m more clear and have more energy. My motivation has increased and I'm more joyful. I am alive and living, as opposed to alive and waiting to die, and that is a massive shift!

I’ve also noticed an absence of the sense of terror and fear I had been experiencing for so long that it had almost become second nature. The symptoms of my dis-ease are now less intense on a daily basis. I feel a space has been cleared, leaving me with space to breathe... and after having had to fight for every breath for the last 3yrs, the irony of that is not lost on me... it’s very lovely indeed!

So if you are looking for answers as to why your flow is blocked in your current life and for a way to release those blockages, look no more. I sincerely recommend you try an Akashic Records reading with Susan. ”


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