Akashic Records Readings

What are the Akashic Records?

Akasha is a Sanskrit word for ether, an ethereal substance pervading the cosmos. Akashic Records are the etheric imprint of everything that takes place throughout all time, space and dimensions.  In the Bible, these records are referred to as The Book of Life.

Everyone has an Akashic Record of his or her soul’s journey throughout time. By accessing the high frequencies of unconditional love and wisdom within your Records, it is possible to receive divinely inspired guidance and healing from your Akashic Records Masters and Beings of Light.

An Akashic Records Reading is a live, unfolding process; formed by the questions asked and the ensuing dialogue that arises naturally. The result is inevitably a sense of feeling more ‘in tune’ with your soul – with your deeper, more authentic self.

What can you gain from an Akashic Records reading?

  • Guidance, information and healing around any issue you are currently struggling with
  • Past life clearings of blocked energy, vows, contracts and similar that are holding you back
  • Insight into your soul purpose and gifts
  • Your next steps on issues, projects or areas of pursuit
  • Retrieval of soul energies, talents and wisdom from past lives
  • Advice and guidance on personal relationships, health, and other areas of your life

What are my specialties as an Akashic Records reader?

  • Quickly come to the core issue
  • Powerful healings that uplift and transform
  • Profound, accurate transference of energy and information
  • Provide a heart based, supportive atmosphere
  • Going deeply into an issue – depth instead of breadth – for deeper, more lasting results

To Schedule a Session

I offer 45 and 75 minute readings. Sessions take place over Skype from anywhere in the world. I also offer in-person sessions in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Choose a 45 minute session or a more in-depth 75 minute session.

One – 45 minute Akashic Records Reading – $135
Three – 45 minute Akashic Records Readings – Save 20% $405 $320
One – 75 minute Akashic Records Reading – $175
Two – 75 minute Akashic Records Readings – Save 20% $350 $280

If you have bigger, more complex issues to work with and heal, you may find it beneficial to choose either the three 45-minute sessions package or the one with two 75-minute sessions.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me.

Deborah S. PowellDeborah S. PowellSpiritual Health Counselor, San Jose, California

“Susan is a gifted and loving practitioner. The reading was clear, accurate and filled with transformative guidance. She delivered messages that allowed me to gain clarity about my relationship with my mother, which had been quite difficult. I now understand that it was a spiritual contract that we had agreed to experience together. I now understand that she loved me.

Thank you, Susan, for creating a safe and comfortable environment to explore sensitive and painful areas of my life.  Working with the Forgiveness Prayer as prescribed in my Akashic Records helped me shift out of the heaviness of the belief I was given that "I am not enough.” I feel so much more anchored and present. I continue to use the prayer to move the old energy out to make room for my new, desired experiences.”   (After first reading with Susan)

“Thank you, Susan, for such a wonderfully uplifting reading. As always, your accurate and loving delivery of the messages has energized my soul and I am dancing with joy. You are a brilliant reader! You tune in so well and have such a beautiful heart.” (After most recent reading)

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