Your Authentic Self

Alignment with the authentic self is a deeply satisfying and fulfilling experience. The actual process of aligning, of getting more in tune with the soul, can be both very thrilling – and quite challenging.  We offer several healing modalities designed to help you overcome your challenges more easily, as well as accelerate alignment with your authentic self.

The reading was amazing. Very insightful, healing and incredibly honoring of all present.

I felt very supported and loved. I set the intention to be open and willing to what was most appropriate and I felt extremely grateful for this experience.

I have noticed a change in myself. I feel more focused, less afraid, more assertive which is a biggie for me, and also more optimistic. I am grateful for these shifts.

Diane Lewis Goldberg

The reading I received by Susan was fantastic and hit right on to many issues. I was excited and a little overwhelmed by the energy I felt during the reading.

I have a different outlook on my life now – things that I thought were important or mattered, do not. For me it is the simple things in life. When looking at each day through the eyes of love, you will find love in every aspect of living. I realize that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and the negative ideas of what was supposed to be are gone, and I am so thankful!

Delanya Speiginer